Underwater Video Contest 2021


Help us discover the beauty of the underwater world, participating in the underwater video editing of FOTOVIDEOSUB

complete the form to participate (deadline until June 30)

Submit your underwater video

Remember! Each participant can submit three videos to the contest, you must complete the registration again for each video you submit.

* upload your video to dropbox.com, box.com or wetransfer.com and send us the link. If you wish, you can also send us a link to the video on Youtube or Vimeo. If you need help, do not hesitate to use the contact form.

useful information about the contest

Awards and conditions

FOTOVIDEOSUB 2021 Underwater Photography Contest Awards


1st prize Popular CATEGORY

1st prize CATEGORY Costa Brava

The professional jury reserves the possibility of calling the Special Jury Prize in an extraordinary way, where in addition to technical values, originality, creativity and a message of protection to the marine environment also prevail. This fact, so far, has only occurred in the 2020 video edition

Attentive because in the coming days, we will communicate more news and prizes!

Categories of the FOTOVIDEOSUB 2021 underwater video contest

  • GENERAL CATEGORY - Winner selected by the professional jury, among the 20 finalists determined by popular vote
  • POPULAR CATEGORY - Winner selected by popular online voting
  • COSTA BRAVA CATEGORY - Winner selected by the professional jury, among the videos recorded on the Costa Brava
    The professional jury reserves the possibility of calling or not, the SPECIAL JURY AWARD in an extraordinary way, where in addition to technical values, originality, creativity and a message of protection to the marine environment also prevail. This fact, so far, has only occurred in the 2020 video edition

Dynamics of the FOTOVIDEOSUB 2021 underwater video contest

  • REGISTRATION PHASE - ALREADY OPEN until June 30 (at 23:59), participants can submit their videos to the contest.
  • PRE-SELECTION - from July 1 to 5, among all the videos received, the professional jury will select those that go to the popular vote.
  • POPULAR VOTING PHASE - from July 5 to July 31, online voting phase in which the general public will select the top 10 from each category.
  • NOTIFICATION OF CLASSIFIED VIDEOS - from August 2, notification of classified videos for the professional jury and contestant voting phase.
  • PROFESSIONAL JURY VOTING - from August 2 to 8, professional jury deliberation and contestants
  • FINAL - ANNOUNCEMENT OF WINNERS - August 9 - Announcement of winners

* The possibility of convening a face-to-face event to celebrate the awards ceremony will depend on the situation of the pandemic and being able to offer the best security conditions for everyone

General rules of the contest

ENGLISH VERSION (translated with Google translate)

If you have any questions, due to automatic translation, do not hesitate to contact us at info@fotovideosub.com

The underwater photography edition of FOTOVIDEOSUB 2021, is an online contest, in which all individuals, professionals or amateurs, can participate, provided they are over 16 years old and the authors of the videos presented.

General conditions of participation

  • Registration is free
  • Theme of the videos: Free theme, as long as they are underwater videos
  • International character, videos recorded anywhere in the world can participate, although there is a special award for the best video recorded on the Costa Brava
  • The video should not exceed 10 minutes in length.
  • By participating, the contestant assumes that he is the author of the videos submitted to the contest and accepts the conditions and regulations of the contest.
  • Videos must have HD (1280 × 720) or Full HD (1920 × 1080) resolution or higher and one of the MPEG4, AVI, WMV or MOV formats.
  • The videos must be captured underwater, and defined as underwater, we admit fifty fifty 50% videos. We also admit that part of the video is not underwater, as long as the part "out of the water" does not exceed 40% of the total video.
  • The videos may not be made in aquariums or swimming pools, in the case of recordings of marine species or landscapes.
  • Videos cannot be the product of manipulation of the underwater environment.
  • The videos cannot be the product of generating a special scenario by feeding (feeding) of any species.
  • The videos cannot be the product of the use of colorants, dyes or any element that harms the marine ecosystem.
  • Prizes will be awarded for the best general video, the best video recorded on the Costa Brava and the most voted video in the popular / online phase. The professional jury reserves the possibility of calling or not the Special Jury Prize.
  • Up to 3 videos can be submitted per person. The same person cannot accumulate the 1st prize (either in the general category or in the Costa Brava category) and the prize from the popular vote. Yes, the award for best video in the general category and best video recorded on the Costa Brava is cumulative, if they coincide. If the same contestant receives the first prize in the general category or Costa Brava category and also that of the popular vote, the corresponding prize of the popular vote will be assigned to the next classified in the popular vote so that there is a greater distribution of prizes.
  • Prizes in "kind" may not be exchanged for money or any other kind or assigned to a person other than the chosen winner.
    We will select a maximum of 30 finalist videos that will participate in the screenings of the special events of the contest
  • The videos awarded or presented in previous editions cannot be submitted to the contest.
  • Any video that exhibits the mistreatment of a marine species, or for which it is considered that a living being has been damaged or its natural habitat modified, will be disqualified and cannot be voted on.
  • Videos may not include advertising messages or "watermarks" with logos
  • Videos in portrait format are not supported
  • A pre-selection jury will review the works submitted to the competition to ensure that they comply with the rules and themes, removing from the competition website those videos that do not comply with them.
  • The contestant who submits the video is responsible for the audio that accompanies the images. We recommend using Creative Commons music or music for which you have usage rights.
  • The contestant allows FOTOVIDEOSUB to reproduce their video on their social channels and web, its broadcast during the aforementioned special event and in the facilities / promotional events of the contest. It allows its use in the presentation videos (promotional clips) that are published to promote the contest and FOTOVIDEOSUB. In the same way, it allows its use in FOTOVIDEOSUB events and in exhibitions and training actions that we do in schools and organizations.
  • The votes cast in the web phase will be audited prior to the communication of the finalists, to avoid duplicate votes.


  • Any use made with the videos, winners or not, must always be accompanied by the name of the author in a visible place.
  • The candidate declares and guarantees that he is the sole author and owner of all copyright on the videos that he submits to the call. Likewise, it is the candidate's responsibility to obtain the authorization of the people who may appear in the videos, for the effective activity that is convened, unless said video has been taken in a public place and in the legally established manner, assuming any claim for image rights.

The organizers, in accordance with the rules governing "copyright", consider that the works submitted to the Festival are exempt from all artistic / intellectual property rights or any other that a third person may hold. By participating in the festival, the authors undertake to guarantee the organizers that they are exempt from any lawsuit that may be filed against them for "holding" rights. No responsibility will be held against the Organization in the event of a dispute or dispute.

Acceptance of the Bases

The candidates, by the mere fact of participating in this call, accept each and every one of the Bases thereof, as well as the criteria of the Organization regarding the resolution of any question or controversy derived from it.

SPANISH VERSION (official regulation of the contest)

La edición de fotografía submarina de FOTOVIDEOSUB 2021, es un concurso online, en el que pueden participar todas las personas físicas, profesionales o amateurs, siempre que sean mayores de 16 años y los autores de los vídeos presentados.

Condiciones generales de la participación

  • La inscripción es gratuita
  • Temática de los vídeos: Tema libre, siempre y cuando sean videos submarinos
  • Carácter internacional, pueden participar vídeos grabados en cualquier parte del mundo aunque existe un premio especial al mejor vídeo grabado en la Costa Brava
  • El vídeo no deberá superar los 10 minutos de duración.
  • Al participar, el concursante asume ser el autor de los vídeos presentados al concurso y aceptar las condiciones y reglamento del concurso.
  • Los vídeos deben tener resolución HD (1280×720) o Full HD (1920×1080) o superior y uno de los formatos MPEG4, AVI, WMV o MOV.
  • Las vídeos deberán ser captados bajo el agua, y definirse como subacuáticos, admitimos videos fifty fifty 50%. También admitimos que parte del vídeo no sea subacuático, siempre que la parte "fuera del agua", no supere el 40% del total del vídeo
  • Los vídeos no podrán ser realizados en acuarios o piscinas, cuando se trate de grabaciones de especies marinas o paisajes.
  • Los vídeos no pueden ser producto de la manipulación del entorno subacuático.
  • Los vídeos no pueden ser producto de generar un escenario especial por alimentación (feeding) de cualquier especie.
  • Los vídeos no pueden ser producto del uso de colorantes, tintes o cualquier elemento que perjudique el ecosistema marino.
  • Se concederán premios al mejor vídeo general, mejor vídeo grabado en la Costa Brava y vídeo más votado en la fase popular/online. el jurado profesional se reserva la posibilidad de convocar o no el Premio Especial del Jurado.
  • Se pueden presentar hasta 3 vídeos por persona. Una misma persona no puede acumular el 1º premio ( ya sea de la categoría general o categoría Costa Brava) y el premio de la votación popular. Si, es acumulable el premio a mejor vídeo de la categoría general y mejor vídeo grabado en la Costa Brava, si coinciden. Si un mismo concursante recibe el primer premio de la categoría general o categoría Costa Brava y también el de la votación popular, el premio correspondiente de la votación popular se cederá al siguiente clasificado de la votación popular para que haya un mayor reparto de premios.
  • Los premios en «especie» no podrán ser cambiados por dinero u otra especie o asignados a distinta persona que no sea el ganador elegido
  • Seleccionaremos un máximo de 30 vídeos finalistas que participarán en las proyecciones de los eventos especiales del concurso
  • No se pueden presentar a concurso los vídeos premiados o presentados en las ediciones anteriores.
  • Cualquier vídeo que exhiba el maltrato de una especie marina, o para cuya consecución se considere que se ha dañado a algún ser vivo o modificado su hábitat natural, será descalificado y no podrá ser votado.
  • Los vídeos no pueden incluir mensajes publicitarios o "marcas de agua" con logotipos
  • No son admitidos vídeos en formato vertical
  • Un jurado de preselección revisará las obras presentadas a concurso para asegurarse de que cumplen normas y temática, eliminando de la Web del concurso aquellos videos que las incumplan.
  • El concursante que envía el vídeo es responsable del audio que acompaña a las imágenes. Recomendamos usar música Creative Commons o aquella sobre las que se tenga derechos de utilización.
  • El concursante permite a FOTOVIDEOSUB la reproducción de su vídeo en sus canales sociales y web, su emisión durante el evento especial citado y en las instalaciones/eventos promocionales del concurso. Permite su utilización en los vídeos de presentación (clips promocionales) que se publiquen para promocionar el concurso y FOTOVIDEOSUB. Del mismo modo permite su utilización en los eventos FOTOVIDEOSUB y en las exposiciones y acciones formación que hacemos en colegios y organizaciones.
  • Los votos emitidos en la fase vía web,  serán auditados de forma previa a la comunicación de los finalistas, para evitar votos duplicados.

Derechos de autor

Cualquier uso que se haga con las vídeos, ganadores o no, deberá ir siempre acompañado del nombre del autor en un lugar visible.

El candidato manifiesta y garantiza que es el único autor y titular de todos los derechos de autor sobre los vídeos que presenta a la convocatoria. Asimismo, es responsabilidad del candidato recabar la autorización de las personas que pudieran aparecer en los vídeos, para la efectiva actividad que se convoca, a menos que dicho vídeo haya sido tomada en un sitio público y en la forma legalmente establecida, asumiendo toda reclamación por derechos de imagen.

Los organizadores, conforme a las normas que rigen en materia de “copyright”, consideran que las obras presentadas al Festival están exentas de todo derecho de propiedad artística/intelectual u otra que pudiera ostentar una tercera persona. Al participar en el festival, los autores se comprometen a garantizar a los organizadores que quedan exentos de cualquier demanda que pueda ser presentada en contra suya por derechos “habientes”. Ninguna responsabilidad inculpará a la Organización en caso de contestación o de litigio.

Aceptación de las Bases

Los candidatos, por el mero hecho de participar en esta convocatoria, aceptan todas y cada una de las Bases del mismo, así como el criterio de la Organización en cuanto a la resolución de cualquier cuestión o controversia derivada del mismo.


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